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The Mission of ProPig Production Management is to provide owners/investors access to a network of pork production services that employ skilled people that utilize proven production practices and the latest technologies to insure peak performance for the production of quality pork.

Our goal is to help each of our producers achieve Consistent Peak Performance in their barns, which translates to a consistently strong bottom line. Whether you are in need of day-to-day management for your facilities, procuring facilities and/or pigs, accounting assistance, performance reports, or just need someone to call when a question arises, ProPig Production Management can help.

 Our staff believes that communicating and working closely with owners and unit management personnel is the first step to efficient pork production.

Hogs will be managed to achieve the best marketing opportunities coupled with health, nutrition and pork quality assurance (PQA) programs to reach their optimum profit potential.


Finishing Systems Programs


  • ProPig will procure nursery, wean to finish barns, or finishing barns to match desired group size and pig flow. All facilities must meet a set of standards required to achieve target production levels.
  • ProPig will oversee day-to-day management of barns and pigs from arrival to market:
    • Pig grading on arrival
    • Feed budgets & health protocols
    • Barn environmental monitoring and adjustments
    • Real-time slaughter analysis
    • Employee supervision/training
    • Selecting and marketing hogs
    • Innovative scale technologies
  • Pigs are performance monitored through group closeouts. Web site access to our TR@CS program allows real-time tracking of each group of pigs, 24-hour access to farm reports, and traceability of each pig's source and destination.
  • ProPig will communicate weekly or daily if needed as problems arise, and will keep owners informed about farm progress.


ProPig Production Management will oversee and manage your pigs to ensure they reach their fullest potential. Our finishing program utilizes skilled personnel with access to technologies and services required for efficient pork production. Our dynamic associate member network offers nutrition, facilities, risk management, marketing records, marketing closeouts, veterinary service, and diagnostics. When problems arise, the ProPig network will offer quick, accurate and economical solutions.

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